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A Great Year After Applying This Holistic Asthma Treatment

momsen familyHi Thomas!

How are you doing? It has been a busy year but we have had a GREAT year! It sure has been nice not having asthma problems. Oh sure, we aren't perfect but we only touched an albuterol inhaler twice over the past year. That is a HUGE improvement over multiple ER visits. This is the first time I actually enjoyed Spring instead of suffering through it,since 1983. Spring always brought  bronchitis/asthma problems for me. Autumn was almost as bad as Spring with the cold, mold inducing rain.

Eric and I " tape-up"  every night and we still do ( 1 potato 2,3,4 ) "potato" exercises each night with the boys. Lois has lower blood pressure and feels better not being on so many Hbp meds.

We are looking forward to getting puppies in a couple of weeks. (I never thought that would be possible.) The boys are counting down the days until Summer vacation and the days until we pick up the puppies!

I did discover that I have a lot of room for improvement with my breathing while working with patients . I still have to break some bad breathing habits that occur when I put a mask on my face. Being consciouse of the breathing insult is the first step in modifying the bad habit.

Thanks so much for all your help!

The Momsen Family
The Momsen's Teacher: Thomas Fredricksen

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