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Natural Cure For Breathing Problems-A Relief And Inspiration

Moira photo-web 2

I’m a 25 year old New Zealander recently moved to Sweden. I’ve been suffering from chronic sinusitis and severe eczema for years, but have always managed to get by (although it's been a struggle at times). I’ve always had low energy and a weak immune system, so I manage to catch colds when I least need it. Gradually though, my symptoms got worse. Chronic fatigue overcame me; I found it hard to fall asleep and breathe comfortably at night: but when I slept, it was a lot. The eczema increased, and the stuffy blocked nose demanded many tissues everyday. For years steroid medication has always inflamed my symptoms. It was time to find something drug-free: a natural and effective solution to my overall health, not just one aspect of it.

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I Discovered Holistic Anxiety Treatment - Given A 2nd Chance

If you looked up the word "anxiety" in the dictionary, my picture would be there. I spent most of my teenage years and all of my adult life stressed out and tight as a drum. As a professional actor for more that thirty years, I thought I was letting it out and releasing it all on stage, playing someone else. I was wrong. I made it to Broadway four times; worked in tv news; and even had a talk radio show. My business was talking. But I never did anything about the stress and anxiety.

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After Natural Approach I No Longer Think About Breathing

David-Brown-webDecember, 2009

When I read the New York Times article about Buteyko Center USA helping the violin-maker, I thought to myself, “If they can help that guy, surely they can do something for me.” I found Buteyko Center USA on the web, and signed up for an introductory meeting. That meeting was very different from what I expected. I had anticipated a traditional teaching environment but instead I found myself one-on-one with an instructor who wanted to know all about me and my breathing experience.

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Alternative Treatment For Breathing Gives You That Control

video-thumblink-ilene-schabot"I've been asthmatic for 45 years. I suffered from bronchial pneumonia and was hospitalized 3 times a year. Now after 3 months I take so little medication.  I learned that it is important when you know things are going to be crazy, take a few moments to do your breathing exercises and center yourself. Then you have control. When you carry your medication with you, you believe it is going to be your savior, but it's not. The Breathing Normalization Method gives you that control."
Ilene Schabot

Asthma Improved 2-3 Weeks After Natural Breathing Treatment

video-thumblink-david-wiebe"I suffered with asthma since 10 years old. I later learned that the steroids I was taking to control my asthma were making my macular degeneration worse so if I wanted to maintain my eye sight, I had to stop taking steroids. This caused my asthma to be completely out of control and I made trips to the ermergency center. I idiscovered the Buteyko Breathing Normalization Method right here in the town where I live, and I was taught the method. Within 2 -3 weeks, my breathing improved and my overall health improved."
David Wiebe

Anxiety Parkinsons Subsided With Holistic Breathing Approach

irma and artie web 0I have been suffering from Parkinson's Disease for the past 25 years. The medications that I take are very powerful, resulting in adverse side effects, i.e. drowsiness, dry mouth and anxiety. In addition to Parkinson's Disease, I also suffer from hypertension and a thyroid condition.


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With Chronic Bronchitis Asthma Natural Cure Has Convinced Me

Ingrid photo(astrid)-croppeOctober, 2009

For as long as I can remember I have been searching for an explanation and a possible treatment for my lifelong condition of asthma and chronic bronchitis. Four months ago, by pure luck, I came across an article about the Buteyko Method. The initial simple explanation "asthma can be triggered by breathing too much" immediately caught my attention like nothing else before.

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Breathing Normalization Improves Asthma, Hypoglycemia, Mood

Jesse-cropped(1) 0October, 2009

Three years ago, I attended my first "Buteyko" workshop (with an unlicensed practitioner). Here I discovered the concept of "reduced breathing" as a natural asthma cure. In the following weeks and months, I learned to breathe less, and in doing so, significantly reduced my asthma symptoms. Having suffered asthma throughout my life, this was a remarkable experience. This fall, I decided to take a refresher course. To my surprise and delight, I found that the only officially sanctioned practitioners of the Buteyko Breathing Method in the US are located at the Buteyko Center USA in Woodstock, NY. In order to go directly to the source, I signed up for the Natural Breathing Cure Weekend Workshop.

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Since Learning Natural Approach I Haven't Had Asthma Attack

Testimonial-Lisa-Photo3-cro 0

 September, 2009

Since learning the Buteyko Breathing Method I have not had an asthma attack. I keep my rescue inhaler with me, but have not needed it. My allergy symptoms continue to diminish. The lifestyle course increased my awareness of allergy and asthma triggers and the role stress has played. I'm sharing the information with my boys, so they can continue to be healthy and allergy free. I'm very hopeful that through Buteyko, asthma and allergy symptoms will be eliminated for good.

Lisa Hutton Krause
Woodstock, NY

Alternative Asthma Remedy Helps Me Reduce Need For Steroids

Testimonial 4 Image-Mike-DART LAUNCHSeptember, 2009

It all started when I was ten years old and came down with pneumonia. After my recovery, I started getting asthma attacks whenever I went out to play with the other kids. The doctors said I developed severe allergies, needed allergy shots and an awful tasting liquid medication. The treatment helped but did not stop it. I would still get severe attacks, just less frequently.

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Extremely Impressed With Breathing Normalization Technique

Testimonial-Jean-Marie-Phot 0September, 2009

I am extremely impressed with the benefits of the Buteyko Breathing Method as I have only been practicing for one month. I am much more perceptive and aware of my breathing and needless tension and stress. I have been able to shift my mouth breathing to nose breathing quicker than I thought as well as lengthen the pause after the exhale. I have not used my rescue inhaler or nebulizer since I started.

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