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Holistic Approach To Breathing Helps Energy, Self Confidence

Bob Dent 0April, 2010

Although I did not initially enroll in the Buteyko Workshop, I drove my wife, Judy, more than 300 miles one way to Woodstock, NY, so that she could participate in it. Judy had had such a terrible time with chronic obstructive asthma following a January surgery. The procedure was a simple surgery on the elbow which went well but the anesthesia was mismanaged. In the aftermath of that I was willing to try in any way to help her find a possible solution to her difficulty.

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3 Year Old Daughter Off Inhalers After Natural Asthma Cure


"Dear Jesse,

Kate, my three year old daughter, has been doing great, knock knock on wood... :) We are still doing breathing exercises twice a day on a regular basis, and she has gotten into a habit of breathing through the nose all the time... I am very impressed with the results, as we've been having all our windows open, the pollen counts are high, everyone is coughing and sneezing, but her nose remains clear... She sleeps with open windows, plays outside, runs, jumps, and has been off Claritin and Nasonex for 3.5 weeks now! Since her allergies have always been pretty mild, I think that the nose breathing has really made a difference...
Her asthma has also been pretty much under control... She is still on her costeroid (Flovent) inhaler twice a day, and I am just waiting for her to get a cold to see if she weathers it without a bronchodilator.

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Learning Breathing Normalization Was A Great Experience

christine-schremppcrop3March, 2010

"Hello Drakon and Sasha,

It's 4:53 am and I've just done two 1/2 hour sets of exercises.  When I woke up I was tight and so did the first set.  After that I felt better but not sure I would be able to actually lay down and fall asleep so I did a second one.  Now I feel great.

Thank you both so much.  I had extremely high expectations for the workshop as I already practiced Buteyko and had had significant results in the past. I signed up for the weekend because I wanted inspiration and support to continue my practice and get myself off all asthma medication for good.

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Best Lung Tests Since Diagnosed With Asthma- Holistic Remedy

Larry Italy-crop 0March, 2010

I am happy to report that at my most recent check up my pulmonologist reported that my pulmonary function tests registered the best scores since I was diagnosed with asthma, even though I am no longer taking any medication.

By way of background, I had trouble breathing through my nose for as long as I can remember and had been told by many doctors over a 40 year period that my turbinates were enlarged, blocking my nasal passages. At around age 50, I started intensive cycling training, always breathing through my mouth. Around age 54 I developed a milk protein sensitivity (not lactose intolerance nor allergy) and at 58 asthma. On one long bike ride in August 2008, my coughing was so intense, I had to end the ride after 90 miles. Albuterol only made the coughing worse. That is when I consulted a pulmonologist who told me my lungs were at 50% capacity, inflamed and "angry." Eventually, I wound up using a cocktail of meds via a nebulizer for a month followed by symbicort, 2 puffs twice a day to control the asthma. Less drastic medicines did not stop the cough.

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A Wonderful Experience At Breathing Normalization Workshop

Zenia-crop 1

March, 2010

"Dear Sasha & Thomas,

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend.

I was rather skeptical about the workshop and how it would help me given the nature of the topic before I arrived. Not only was the entire weekend informational but it provided me with a perspective and a realization of how blessed I am to be healthy (at least free of asthma). Thank you. Meeting you both was a wonderful experience.

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Alternative Treatment To Breathing Problems-So Much To Offer

Leigh crop     March, 2010

"Dear Thomas, Sasha, Cody, Jesse, Charles, Mike, & Ilene,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work to make the workshop a success!! I really enjoyed meeting all of you and learning what you had to share. My goodness! What a lot of valuable information!

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Happy To Be Medicine Free After Breathing Difficulties Cured

Barbara-C-cropped 0 February, 2010


“Hey Jesse, just to let you know, today has been the best day yet. Tuesday I used my albuterol much too much and had a terrible night Monday into Tuesday morn. But after calling Buteyko Hotline and speaking with you, I tried what you suggested. Yesterday was great. Today's the best day yet. Thank you!"

Another email in a few days:

“I'm so grateful for an alternative to inhaled steroids. I feel so, so much better not taking Advair! I can't tell you how great it is! After 10 years chained to that medicine and wondering about the adverse side effects and not feeling well for so long, I am so happy to be free of it!”

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Can Run 3 Miles And No Asthma Thanks To Alternative Approach

January, 2010

asthma teenage boy breathing normalizationI’m 13 years old and I’ve had bad asthma all of my life. I went to all types of doctors for years on end, while taking various medications that didn’t seem to be doing anything. About a month ago, my parents discovered an article in the New York Times about Buteyko Center USA, so we decided to try it out.

When I first started Breathing Normalization, my body was in bad condition. My nose was always badly stuffed up and I would breathe heavily out of my mouth all the time. If I ran up a big hill, or just went for a jog, I would need my inhaler. My body could handle exercise, but it could not handle my asthma.

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Holistic Treatment For Asthma Opens Up New Possibilities


January, 2010

Hi Thomas and Sasha,

Thanks so much for sending me your Happy New Year mailing and keeping me in the loop regarding new developments with the Buteyko Center USA. I was at your workshop on December 5-6 in Woodstock and just wanted to let you know how it's been going for me. There were a lot of people there so I'm attaching my photo to refresh your memory!

I've been doing the breathing exercises regularly and have been experiencing a lot of improvement. My morning CP has been progressing steadily -- with some ups and downs during the holidays. It's now 20 and sometimes goes as high as 30 during the day (during the workshop I started at 2!).

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Respiratory Infection Helped By Breathing Normalization

Celeste 1-resized 6

I had a demanding job and a growing family; after I was admitted into the hospital at age 41 I decided I couldn’t maintain my lifestyle and my health so I resigned from my job. The stress in my life dropped 100 fold. I had only one significant health issue after that, but ultimately was able to live free of all drugs and feel well for over 2 years. Then, while living out of the country, I came down with a significant respiratory infection. The drugs were launched in force – regular nebulizing, a myriad of progressively stronger antibiotics, prednisone, inhalers; the list felt endless. My body became accustomed to the prednisone and stopped producing cortisol. I became adrenal insufficient; my adrenal glands dried up – no energy, constant weight loss, headaches and consistent mood swings. I contracted pneumonia twice this past winter. And the mucus production in my chest was unending. My life was controlled by what felt like my never ending illness. In summary, I was a mess!

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