This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

Asthma And Allergic Rhinitis: My Health Improved*

Zeynep-210 3

I have had asthma and allergic rhinitis since before my teenage years and have struggled with them for over 20 years. I first heard about the Buteyko Method while I was living in Turkey. However, at that time, my opportunity to learn the method properly was limited to; (1) the shared knowledge of a distant relative living in Australia and (2) various reading material on and off the internet. At that time, I was unable to obtain the full benefit of the Buteyko Method because of insufficient instructions. Yet, intuitively, the teachings of the method explained and brought to light the various experiences I was having with my own asthma: why swimming made me feel so much better, why simply taping my mouth at night made my morning attacks literally dissipate, why exercise brought on an attack, why I might be breathless after coming in from the cold to sit still in a warm lecture hall, etc, etc. I knew Buteyko was right, in a way that a regular "healthy" individual may not appreciate.

Cannot Explain The Relief After Natural Breathing Treatment*

Monty Gamble

As I sit in Buteyko Center USA's studio writing this testimonial I cannot explain the pure relief that I now feel. Over the past year I have had two sinus surgeries, a trip to the E.R. and a diagnosis of incurable asthma plus Common Variable Immune Deficiency. My next step was going to be continued surgery, which was not the direction that I wanted to take my life in.

After Natural Alternative Approach Chest Tightness Subsided*

Olivia-and-Mom-cropped-210 0January, 2011

At 40 years old, I was diagnosed with asthma. My condition progressed from mild episodes of shortness of breath on the tennis court to persistent daily breathing problems that forced me to quit tennis and all forms of exercise. Just walking made me breathless and my chest tight. I literally had no life. I struggled to get the breath to read to my children. My condition actually seemed to get worse in spite of strong prescription medications like symbicort, zopanex and prednisone.

Words Cannot Express Thanks For Solution To Breathing Problems*

streets photo 0As a young child I witnessed an asthma attack when I was visiting my cousin; her younger sister came into the room wheezing, gasping for breath, and tears pouring down her red face as she begged for help. The severity, the fear, and the almost violent attack on her young body held me in shock and apprehension as arrangements were made for her to be taken to the hospital. I realize that vicariously, this was my introduction into the world of an asthmatic. I never imagined that the episode I witnessed would evolve into my own life story. I vividly remember the day in July when the Dr. diagnosed my symptoms as asthma. I took care of my aging father in law and when he was settled for the afternoon, I decided to shop, then spent a peaceful evening before retiring early. I woke up at around 3AM gasping for breath and coughing; I decided to drive myself to the hospital which was close to our home.

Adenoid Surgery No Longer Recommended After Natural Approach *

daniel-w-210 0

Written by Julia Williams December, 2010 Daniel, age 8

In September I took my 8 year old son Daniel to an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor because he had been experiencing headaches, frequent earaches, pain in the back of his throat and he was having trouble breathing. He told us that Daniel’s adenoids were enlarged and would have to be removed. At first I felt somewhat relieved, because his breathing was gradually getting worse and I was worried he might develop asthma.

Alternative Treatment Means Able To Avoid Adenoid Surgery*

kathy-210Written by Rachel Newton December, 2010

Kathy, age 6

Kathy is my ‘Sweet Pea.’ She is 6 years old and has terrible allergies and a blocked nose. Her breathing difficulties caused me to feel increasingly concerned so I took her to a number of Doctors. Finally, we went to an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor who told us that she had enlarged adenoids that needed to be removed surgically.

I Feel More Energized Due To Holistic Approach To Asthma*

"I found out about Buteyko at the dog park from a friend of mine, because I'm a dog lover. I've had asthma for about 20 years. My doctor told me I needed to get rid of my animals. I wouldn't do that. My symptoms were also worse in the wintertime, in the cold weather, and I would have to take my steroids and use my inhaler. I started practicing the Breathing Normalization Method and felt the results right away. I feel more energized, I lost weight, and my craving for food lessened."

Natural Breathing Solution Result-Enlarged Thyroid Shrunk*

testimonial3 0

It's been about a year and a half that I have been practicing the Buteyko method of breathing. My control pause varies between 20 and 40, depending on what I've been eating and doing - how much stress is in my life, etc... I've stopped getting colds. I have more energy than when I started doing Buteyko.

Holistic Remedy Used-Did Not Need Allergy Medicine In Spring*

November, 2010

When my teenage son was diagnosed with asthma following severe seasonal allergies in 2009, the physician prescribed daily medication and a rescue inhaler. He said it was the only option we had. After taking his medications regularly for several months, my son still felt constant tightness in his chest and was unable to run competitively as he had prior to becoming ill. The doctor did not seem to believe that my son was still having problems.

Until Discovering Breathing Normalization Nothing Helped Asthma*

herb birch-photo-210

Just a year ago my breathing was very labored. I couldn't walk fifty feet without a great deal of discomfort. When I got off an airplane I would have to stop several times on the way to baggage claim, stairs in my house were avoided at all costs and so it went. I was taking several medications, some worked a little, I used inhalers when I was very uncomfortable... All of my doctors tried to help me but nothing was making me better; Symbicort has been the biggest help. But until I discovered the Buteyko Method and changed my lifestyle nothing seemed to help very much, I was feeling desperate and depressed.

Very Beneficial Holistic Remedy-No Need For Asthma Inhaler*

Franzi-210 0November, 2010

Buteykotm has been a great experience. It has not only relieved me from my asthma symptoms but also enabled me to do many other things including playing field hockey this past fall. And, in the spring, I plan to play lacrosse. I first heard about the Buteyko method when both my uncle and grandma sent us the article about it from the New York Times. We bought the CD and tried doing at least one exercise once a day. We weren’t able to make real progress however and when my asthma became very bad over the summer we finally decided to fully apply ourselves to it by taking a course with Buteyko Center USA.

I Practiced The Buteyko Method - Asthma Much Better*

David Lee Buteyko Method

November, 2010

Dear Buteyko Center USA,

I want to relay some happy news: I was able to run in and complete the NYC Marathon this past Sunday, November 7th. I have attached a picture of myself at the finish line with my medal (and the Buteyko Center Stop Watch) around my neck.



This is a true testimonial of a Breathing Center’s client; however, the results of application of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee identical results to everyone who contacts the Breathing Center. Also, please keep in mind that our services are educational, not medical. Buteyko Breathing Normalization Specialists are teachers and trainers, not medical doctors.

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