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I Marvel At Benefits Of Natural Treatment Of Breathing Difficulties

david-wiebe-portrait-210 1October, 2010

For those wondering about the longer term benefits of the Buteyko Method, I have been using the Buteyko Method and techniques for 18 months now and I continue to marvel at how effective it is. When I very first started, I was in bad shape, my health was poor and I was using my albuterol inhaler up to 20 or more times in a 24 hour time period. I have now decreased my use of my albuterol by 95% and am requiring only about 5% of what I was using before I started Buteyko to maintain healthful breathing. That remains as an astonishing result in my life - something that continues to amaze me.

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Coughing Completely Disappeared After Breathing Exercises

Kate-Pond-210October, 2010

My symptoms of coughing completely disappeared after following the Buteyko Method of breathing exercises faithfully for six weeks. Initially, I took a two day workshop at the Buteyko Center in Woodstock, New York in July 2010. Their method of instruction was clear and specific: avoid breathing through your mouth, do breathing exercises three times daily and eat vegan including whole grains as you progress toward healing.

I have a way to go before my lungs become even more healthy but I have been able to cut my inhaled steroids in half and anticipate perhaps eliminating them completely in the future. I consult with a Buteyko practioner every 6 weeks or so for feedback and instruction. It requires discipline and hard work to follow the program but well worth not having the coughing symptoms which inhibited me socially and professionally.

Thank you Sasha, Thomas, Charles and Jesse for your good work!

Kate Pond Burlington, Vermont

My Sons Asthma Attacks Reversed By Alternative Treatment

Jen Kelly-210 September, 2010

I love the Buteyko breathing method! I've been able to reverse mine and my son's asthma attacks successfully. Learning the Buteyko method is a journey. In the beginning, I was very impatient because I just wanted to get better immediately, and I wanted my CP's and PMP's to be at 40 seconds after just a week! That was not the case though. It takes work and dedication. In the beginning, during an asthma attack, my CP was pretty low at about 11 seconds. Now, first thing in the morning, I'm doing 25-30 seconds. It's a great improvement.

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Breathing Normalization Is Doing What The Inhaler Did For Me

Victor K-210August, 2010

I have been an asthmatic from a young age. After completing the Buteyko Method and Lifestyle course with Moira, I am confident that it is going to continue to help me reduce the asthma symptoms I experience - I have received a plausible explanation for the symptoms I experience and a method to combat those. The Buteyko Method is doing what the asthma-inhaler did for me, except that it is natural and I do not risk getting worse from medicine. I have had a very strong feeling of getting worse since I started taking medicine for asthma, instead of feeling better and more healthy as the pharmaceutical companies advertise and insist.

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Filled With Hope-Holistic Treatment For Breathing Problems

Dawn M  D'Arcangelo-210 0 July, 2010

"I am filled with HOPE and PEACE after this weekend's workshop. I am finding that changing my habits is harder than I originally thought! So, I will be signing up for the Buteyko Method and Lifestyle course and Buteyko in Motion course. I must make this my #1 priority. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for taking the road less traveled - and I am grateful to now be seeing my own path. I look forward to seeing you again, overcoming asthma, and becoming a certified practitioner to help others. This is all in line with the path I have been on for over 10 years and I am so very grateful!"

Dawn D'Arcangelo Schenectady, New York

NY Times Article On Breathing Normalization Changed My Life

William Robbins photo-210July, 2010

Buteyko has changed my life. What a blessing! I saw the NY Times article on Buteyko and asthma online earlier this year. This method, entirely free of drugs, is so natural, and it works. I haven't felt so good in a long time. The drugs were only making it worse. I was told by my Pulmonary Specialist that I would be on Advair the rest of my life. The concern and care of the Breathing Center is remarkable. They show lots of love and sincere interest in the client. They have an extremely dedicated staff overseeing each individual.

William Robbins
Haddonfield, NJ

My Breathing Better Every Day After Alternative Treatment

herb birch-photo-210

I have been under the care of Thomas and Sasha Yakovlev-Fredricksen and their Staff Members at Buteyko Center USA for the past 8 weeks, I sought out their assistance because I was very concerned about my breathing. It didn't seem like anything I was doing was working properly. My breathing got worse and I worried more and more about it. I was diagnosed with COPD and placed on several forms of medication, all of them helped some. I was told by my General Practitioner, Cardiologist and Pulmonary Physicians to lose weight.

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Natural Asthma Cure Makes Me Feel Healthy Happier Confident

Joanne PamelaI live in New Zealand and from the age of two until I was thirteen I suffered from chronic asthma and eczema. Now I am in my early fifties and have been free from asthma since. However, until recently, I had been having breathing problems - shortness of breath, tight chest, and the feeling I'm not getting enough oxygen. I also had a thyroidectomy five years ago, which exacerbated my breathing ability and affected my energy levels, as well as my confidence. I often felt fatigued and lacked motivation for physical exercise. The medications I have to take for an absent thyroid were giving me heart palpitations, stress and instances where I felt paralyzed with fear that my heart would stop.

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Method Is Helping Me Recover From My Breathing Difficulties

Rinpoche-newApril, 2010

Thank you, Sasha, Thomas and Jesse; you are so kind! Out of the kindness of your hearts and your wish to benefit, you taught me the Buteyko Method. This method helped you to overcome your own breathing difficulties and now your experience is helping me to recover from my difficulties. I am determined to continue applying this method and hope that as a result my asthma will get cured completely. I am eternally grateful to you and will never forget your generosity in sharing this breathing technique with me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Bodhicitta, a mind-stream dedicated towards enlightenment and benefiting others, is precious. Where it is not born yet, may it be born. Where it is born, may it not diminish but increase further and further.

Venerable Traga Rinpoche, Albuquerque, NM

I Am Now A Believer In Natural Breathing Normalization Cure

Judy Dent

With asthma always in the forefront of my life, and worsening as I age, a caring friend gave me an article to read from a November 2009, New York Times that sang the praises of the Buteyko Center USA where a holistic breathing method is taught for the cure of asthma and all that it affects. Sounds interesting, I thought, but with my asthma relatively under control and being busy, I set the article aside.

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I Feel Better Than In Years Thanks To Natural Asthma Cure


Richard BAnnister 2-crop 1April, 2010

Until I applied the Buteyko Method, I suffered from asthma attacks, or the threat of one, since was a small child. My condition was triggered by exercise, dust, animals and who knows what else. For almost fifty years I took asthma medication every day. While I led a healthy lifestyle, exercising every day, eating wholesome food and trying to reduce allergens in my home, I was dependent upon pharmaceutical drugs to give me the feeling that I could breathe with comfort.

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After Few Days Holistic Treatment Rescue Inhaler Not Needed

Gurusahay-cropApril, 2010

Dear Thomas,

I wanted to thank you for sharing the Buteyko Method with me. It’s one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life. I learned of the Buteyko method many years ago and even bought a tape from Australia on how to do the method. For some reason, I never watched it in its entirety and never applied the techniques even though I suffered from asthma.

As I explained when we first talked, I have had asthma and have used an inhaler at least twice a day for nearly 30 years, essentially all my adult life.

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