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Successful Approach to Asthma, Anxiety And Hyperventilation

William Robbins photo-210

UPDATE...January, 2012

What attracted me to what BREATHINGCENTER.COM teaches was its approach to hyperventilationasthma, breathing difficulties, anxiety and more, which will allow you to heal your symptoms and therefore, reduce or remove the need for the use of drugs. This well-run organization provided much more than I imagined. The Breathing Normalization™ Specialists kept in daily contact with me, encouraging me to apply what I had been taught in the main course. "Breathe like a little mouse" was the key, this was all new to me.

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Until Learning Breathing Normalization I Suffered From COPD

Thomas Joerg

UPDATE...January 2, 2012

I wish to start this New Year by updating you on the amazing progress that I have made with my lifelong health challenges with breathing. As you recall, my lungs were severely damaged by breathing sulfuric acid fumes when I was attacked by an intruder in my home. I suffered from lung damage until I learned about Breathing Normalization ™. The Buteyko Method wasn’t nearly as difficult as the skin grafts to over fifty percent of my body. The two miracles in my life have been that I survived those injuries in my late twenties and that I have had the great fortune to study with you all at The Breathing Center at both your Woodstock office and online via Skype.

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Natural Treatment Helps 6 Year Old Boy Overcome Asthma

15 October 2011

My son Nicholas is now six years old. A couple years ago he was prescribed antibiotics for bronchitis. After he finished taking them the coughing continued. The doctors claimed he had intermittent asthma, but honestly I was in denial. I could not believe this was asthma since there were no asthmatics in our family. But unfortunately after he got another cold, his cough became much worse and he started having asthma attacks regularly (scary for the child but also for parents!).

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No Medication To Control Asthma-Just Breathing Treatment

15 October 2011

My Buteyko experience has been amazing!  The practitioners, Thomas and Sasha, have been wonderful to work with and very informative…truly a blessing! I had a pulmonologist appointment this morning.  My lung function test was 119%!!!  Three months ago it was 84%.  I didn’t have to do the albuterol inhaler with this test...thankfully! 

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No More Visits To ER Since Breathing Normalization Training

carol-clouse 1I never had asthma. My younger brother wheezed, and anxiously took puffs from his rescue inhaler through his twenties and early thirties. Then one day, in my mid-forties, I suddenly couldn’t breathe. It was like two hands reached up from somewhere in my gut, grabbed both my lungs, and squeezed. I had no idea what was happening. “Is this an asthma attack?” I asked myself? But I don’t have asthma. I couldn’t figure out what else it could possibly be, so I called my brother. I didn’t have an inhaler, so his best suggestion was that I take a hot shower.

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No Longer Anemic, Thyroid Normal - Thank You Breathing Center

Diane Ftzgerald 2011 2

My story is one that still shocks me today when I tell it to family and friends. The day I called the Buteyko Center in Woodstock the summer of 2010, I was suffering from "exercise-induced" Asthma that made it impossible for me to walk up a hill or a flight of stairs without wheezing. My doctor prescribed me steroids and bronchodilators that he said I would be taking the rest of my life. I was also diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid and further prescribed medication that was expected to be taken for life. I was anemic with dangerously low iron stores and taking supplements in hopes of improving that condition. I was on a slippery slope of medical intervention that I knew was, at best, treating my symptoms, not the problem, and at worst, making me much sicker.

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Thanks To Normalization, Breathing Problems No Longer Hinder

AK Profile" May, 2011 "

As a presenter to executive audiences, difficulty breathing has caused major distress in my physical and emotional life for five years. I was constantly gasping for air, hopefully without audiences noticing, but often in plain sight. The Buteyko Method quickly introduced a clear and logical process to break the cycle of chronic hyperventilation. Within a week I had stabilized and now within a month I'm beginning to function at a high level again after years of experiencing a downward spiral."


Aron Kuehnemann Washington, DC

Doctor Surprised By Benefits Breathing Normalization Brought

Barry Raphael 152 1

I entered into treatment, not as a patient, but as a health practitioner who is interested in breathing issues in children and how they affect growing faces.  Little did I know that, even without asthma, there would be benefits to my health as well - and I've only really just starting living a "Buteyko lifestyle."

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Tired Of Fighting Asthma-The Solution Was Holistic Treatment

Christianna 0Seemingly at the end of a long and ever increasingly difficult struggle, I was certain my life would end soon. I was about to give up the fight completely, mainly from battle fatigue. I had to fight to breathe, fight to live, fight for understanding, (even among those that were “supposed” to understand the most). Truth be told, I was just so tired of fighting.

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Managing Asthma Without Steroids By Breathing Normalization

Dale Kinney-210March, 2011

Jill Anderson and I both had children on the high school cross country team and had spoken on the phone about trying to find a better solution for their asthma management. Our kids were both avid runners and their asthma medications were not working very well. Jill mentioned an article that she had read in the NY Times about a breathing method called Buteyko. They were having a workshop up in Woodstock, NY that she was going to with her son Brian. Unfortunately we were not able to go.

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Influence of Breathing Normalization On Allergies Profound

Zeynep-210 3

I have had asthma and allergic rhinitis since before my teenage years and have struggled with them for over 20 years. I first heard about the Buteyko Method while I was living in Turkey. However, at that time, my opportunity to learn the method properly was limited to; (1) the shared knowledge of a distant relative living in Australia and (2) various reading material on and off the internet. At that time, I was unable to obtain the full benefit of the Buteyko Method because of insufficient instructions. Yet, intuitively, the teachings of the method explained and brought to light the various experiences I was having with my own asthma: why swimming made me feel so much better, why simply taping my mouth at night made my morning attacks literally dissipate, why exercise brought on an attack, why I might be breathless after coming in from the cold to sit still in a warm lecture hall, etc, etc. I knew Buteyko was right, in a way that a regular "healthy" individual may not appreciate.

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