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My Chiropractor Says Keep Doing It - Breathing Normalization

Macomb Autism Society

As I am reviewing my Breathing Normalization specialist training materials, I had to pause to share some news and express my appreciation for all of you once again, as well as share my small triumphs...

On a personal note, I've experienced some very encouraging results. My chiropractor told me, "whatever you are doing, it's working so keep doing it!" She said my improvement in my right leg and hip is quite miraculous. She told me for now I only need to see her once a week, and soon only as-needed. She said my progress is amazing. I attempted to explain that it is breathing, but she didn't seem ready to wrap her brain around that concept. She assumes it is my yoga. But in all honesty my muscles are dramatically relaxing, making my yoga (and cardio) much easier.

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Falling Apart Fast With Asthma Until Breathing Normalization

marcia ferry

I did not discover the Breathing Normalization Method because I had asthma. I came upon it by chance on YouTube. Watching the lecturer take only minimal, gentle, seemingly invisible breaths through his nose as he spoke was astonishing and seemed an impossible feat. It reminded me of a scientific documentary that I had watched in my youth about the high internal oxygen levels of Himalayan yogis. I had learned that they reduced their breathing to increase their life span.

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Asthma Controlled Thanks To Breathing Center's Natural Cure


I always thought I had "mild" asthma. Sure, it affected me on a daily basis, whether I was trying to exercise or sitting too close to somebody with strong perfume, but I figured since I wasn't confined to the house, my asthma was under control. Then a year ago I ended up in the hospital with a mild cold because my rescue inhaler wasn't helping and I couldn't get a full breath. My recovery took a long time and a year later, when I was "fully recovered" from the incident, I was still on the highest daily dose of Symbicort and using my rescue inhaler daily. I was at my wits' end with the side effects and frustrated with this looming future: I was 25 years old and didn't see myself getting off the medications anytime soon, if ever.

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Huge Improvement-Holistic Approach To Breathing Helps Asthma


When I met Jesse a few months ago before I started my classes I was a mess!

My asthma was always classified as mild to moderate by my doctors, though it was becoming persistent and the steroids and inhalers where giving me panic attacks and severe acid reflux. I even went to the urgent care clinic several times because I thought I was dying. I also developed a cough from the medicines that would not go away! The side effects where something I was not willing to live with , that’s when I started looking for other methods and saw the article in the NYC times online about Buteyko. I was definitely skeptical and thought it would not work.

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Breathing Self Test Leads To Improvement In Overall Health

lisa calice

I am writing this letter with a great deal of gratitude for the Breathing Center, and for Thomas Drakon Yakovlev-Fredricksen, Director of Education, my Breathing Normalization practitioner.

The evening I first discovered the Breathing Center, I was looking for answers not only about my own breathing, but also for the many students that I teach. As I am a yoga teacher, I felt I had a great deal of awareness about breathing; however, there is so much misinformation out there and there are poor breathing habits. I had recently trained for and run my first-ever Half Marathon, and that was when I realized just how much my less-than-perfect breathing habits affected my energy, my stress levels, and of muscular tension. I quickly realized I had discovered the answers for which I had been searching! Even though it was on the weekend, I performed the online breathing self-test, asked some questions, and Thomas wrote back to me right away. After our first online meeting, Thomas promptly accepted me as his personal student and made it very convenient for me to meet with him, even with my hectic teaching schedule.

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Anxiety Conquered With Breathing Normalization Training


Jesse Steinberg has been my practitioner for the Breathing Normalization main course, and has been a wonderful teacher and coach. I started the program with a lot of anxiety, since my breathlessness was threatening my ability to speak, and thus work and support myself. I also experience other health issues, as well as a stressful and busy schedule, so I was torn between an urgent desire to improve my breathing and fears that the program might be too difficult or demanding for me to complete. Jesse was the perfect teacher for me; always kind and reassuring, very respectful of my individual needs and challenges, yet able to encourage me to make effective progress. Jesse’s teaching was both clear and accessible, and I found the sessions to be very enjoyable. I was soon able to conquer my breathlessness, and currently have no problems talking, which is an enormous relief. I am happy to recommend Jesse without reservation as a Breathing Normalization Practitioner.

Thank you, Jesse.
Radhe Rohr [Wisconsin]

High Blood Pressure Brought Low By Breathing Center Training

Carl Johnson Testimonial for his work with Sasha and the Breathing Center Method

My name is Carl; I'm 55 years old and in relatively good health. I have hypertension and take medication for this condition. Like others in my age group

(I half jokingly call it " the death zone ") it is of extreme importance for me to maintain or increase fitness, cast off unhealthy habits, and recommit to a purposeful life in hopes of living a long and happy existence. I am a cyclist, a skier, and a surfer and want desperately to continue these activ

ities for a very long time. I have always approached fitness with the idea that if I train hard enough and long enough at a high intensity, I would lower my blood pressure, slow my heart rate, and breath slower and easier. How wrong can one person be?

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From Allergies To Asthma, Breathing Normalization Brings Relief

Skaryd family 0

My 10 year old daughter Julia had an anaphylactic reaction and was diagnosed at 5 years old with reactive airways and severe allergies.  Over the past 5 years, we have been to countless doctors and have tried many treatments.  Nothing was working.  Julia was prescribed daily inhaled steroids, daily prescription allergy medication and given a nebulizer.  She was told she now is classified as an asthmatic.  She was getting worse.

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Natural Cure For Breathing Problems-Results Were Amazing

lori-booth 2UPDATE: May 2012

Update on me…well, I have continued to monitor my Control Pause (CP).  My best recently has been 35.  I am exercising, taping my mouth at night, and paying close attention to my breathing.  I do the formal seated breath-holds once a day...unless I feel my exercise is enough to offset the need too. However, I do question if I should be doing the formal seated breath-holds three times a day regardless???  If I am experiencing a day or so where I’m having difficulty with my breathing I will do the formal seated breath-holds at least three times per day.  I have to tell you I haven’t had very many of these days, which is very exciting to me.  Also, when I am having problems (which hasn’t been that often since Dec. or Jan.) I have been able to get it under control using the Buteyko method.  My CP is between 25-36, I have reached 48, and I feel good most days and have more energy.  I feel I have come so far, it’s truly amazing!  I am so grateful to Thomas and Sasha.

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Before Alternative Treatment Used Inhaler Twice A Day-No More!

Lawrence Arem 0November, 2010

It has now been almost a year since I started practicing the Buteyko method. Prior to Buteyko, I was on symbicort, 2 puffs twice a day. While my pulmonologist wanted me to cut back, I would get asthma attacks if I tried. I also had a very bad milk protein sensitivity problem. Exposure to very small amounts of milk protein would cause prolonged stretches of gastric distress and sometimes I would even get these problems after intense exercise.

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Charles Labarre

Chaz-new-photos 2UPDATE: January 21, 2012

It’s hard to know where to start on a story about healing, as my own journey began long before I came in contact with the work of Konstantin Buteyko. For the sake of clarity, I will start with the most immediate events that brought me to the Breathing Center.

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