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Medication Free Through Holistic Treatment For Breathing

Testimonial-Ilene-photo2-cr 0I found the Woodstock Buteyko Center when I was looking for an alternative way to treat my asthma. I had been taking medication for 45 years to control my symptoms and started to have serious health difficulties. Problems such as cold urticaria, an auto-immune disease, large kidney stones and finally a cancer scare had plagued my life.

Sasha and Thomas have guided me through the process of becoming medication free.

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The Results Of Alternative Approach To Asthma Are Remarkable

Ch  WhiteSeptember 2009

The Buteyko Method of breathing is revolutionary in many ways primarily because 99% of us don't breathe properly the way were meant to breathe. For me, it was an eye-opening experience that is confirmed with practice and results which continues today.

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Hyperventilation Anxiety Overcome With Holistic Treatment

roshni-thompsonSeptember 2009

Recently, my life took an unforeseen turn - my body weakened, my lungs heaved and I felt like I was continuously out of breath. This provoked a state of emergency in me, as my breathing difficulties prompted panic and loss of integrity of mind. I was unable to accept this disintegration, for as a previously healthy twenty-six year old, it did not fit my self-vision.

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From Hyperventilation To Improved Energy - Breathing Normalization

C and D 2August 2009

As mentioned by Charles LaBarre, Buteyko came into our life by chance, but most probably with a purpose. Not suffering from asthma, my participation in the program was at the beginning mainly in support of my husband and his lung problems that doctors had not been able to diagnose conclusively. My amazement was great when I learnt about the many other possible healing effects the Buteyko Method can have on a great variety of health issues and imbalances.

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Asthma Panic Attacks Bronchodilators Gone After Natural Cure


I am writing a short note to let you know my thoughts on my experience with the Butekyo Center USA.  When I first met with Sasha and Thomas in Woodstock, I had been diagnosed with mild Asthma and/or Panic Attacks. (The diagnosis came from the Emergency Room at Vassar Hospital). I was given Xanax, a daily inhaler, and a rescue inhaler from the Doctors in the ER. I do not like to take medicine, and I searched for breathing exercises that would help me live a life without Xanax or an inhaler.

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Since Starting Breathing Technique No More Asthmatic Attacks

Charles-testimonial-crop 0

August 2009

I came to the Buteyko Breathe-less system by accident, or by fate, depending on how one sees things. My wife Doris phoned Thomas and Sasha after seeing a poster promoting a workshop. During the conversation, she told them of my exercise-induced asthmatic condition. They then invited us to tea at their lovely studio. After much discussion, we both enrolled in the Breathe-less program.

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In 1 Week Asthma Tightness Nearly Gone With Holistic Remedy

Christine[1]July 2009

Before beginning the Breathe Less course I was having great difficulty breathing because of asthma and allergies. Through Sasha and Thomas' insight and the Buteyko breathing exercises, I have felt an immense shift in my breathing. In less than one week of doing the breathing exercises, the wheezing and tightness in my chest and throat were nearly gone. Through breathing less I quickly discovered the patterns and habits that were contributing to my breathing problems.

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Alternative Remedy Brings Relief To Constant Asthma Wheezing

Eddie(1)July 2009

Dear "Dr. Thomas,"

Three weeks ago , before we first spoke, I felt that my life was about to end, I had constant asthma, a lot of wheezing and I was very short of breath. I couldn't even walk up the stairs in my own house; much less ride my bicycle. I felt as if I never slept through the night. I might get 3 hours but I woke up "in trouble" several times a night. Believe me, I was in a lot of stress and scared by not being able to breathe.

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Alternative Approach Makes Ear Infection A Thing Of Past

Cole Larsen

Thank You Buteyko Center USA! With your help, I have not had an ear infection for over six months. Before this time, I would get an ear infection, go to the doctor, and get antibiotics. My ear infection would go away only to come back in a couple of weeks. It was very scary and frustrating. After applying the breathing methods Sasha taught me my ear infections have not come back! Now, I am very aware of my breathing and not afraid of ear infections. Thanks!

Cole Larsen

Woodstock, New York

Almost As If I No Longer Have Asthma After Natural Solution

testimonial4 0 April 2009

My asthma was diagnosed as serious and poorly controlled, and my quality of life had deteriorated significantly. A not uncommon health condition, in which my eyesight is jeopardized by the use of inhaled steroids, has forced me to go without the most effective known medical treatment for controlling asthma, thus leaving me at serious risk and vulnerable to repeated asthma attacks. There are no currently known successful medical treatment options open to me.

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Internal Medicine Physician - Breathing Normalization Works


I have personally been asthmatic most for my adult life. The Buteyko Method works! As a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician for 32 years, I have treated hundreds of asthmatic patients. The obvious questions with asthmatics are always:

* Are you overweight?

* Do you have gastro-esophageal reflux –GERD?

* Is there a concurrent bronchitis?

* Is there a new antigen (allergy trigger) in your life?

* Are you under stress?

* Is this exercise or cold temperature induced wheezing?

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