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This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

Thanks to the Buteyko Method I don’t have violent sinusitis anymore!

Breathing Center's Testimonial: Paula I discovered the Buteyko Method out of desperation. There was nothing left for me to try to manage my severe sinusitis. Sinusitis does not sound like a serious problem, but it was in my case. I developed a seriously stubborn sinus infection that did not go away even when I was treated with multiple rounds of antibiotics and steroids. Eventually I got to the point where medication did not help me and I had to have nasal endoscopic surgery. It brought me relief, however my symptoms returned shortly after surgery. There were times where I felt good but they never lasted very long. I started having sinusitis episodes very frequently with little time to breathe and live between the episodes. My quality of life was very low and I was getting worse and worse with every passing month.

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Asthma, Coughing, Congestion Are Tamed With Buteyko Method

Breathing Center's Testimonial: Paula

Testimony for the Breathing Center
From Paula Nordhem, age 66
May 2019

I’ve been asthmatic for twenty years. And I’ve had respiratory issues all my life. Somehow for the first twelve years of asthma I just lived with and around it. It wasn’t a daily occurrence although there was increasing coughing and congestion; I don’t really remember much detail from that time. I learned there were times that my asthma/coughing was worse or there were places/substances that set it off. I would exercise and walk while asthmatic and just keep going. In the summer of 2012, that ‘approach’ was no longer possible. I was having daily asthma events, long and debilitating. A trip to urgent care led to a visit with an allergist, my first dose of oral steroids, and then inhaled steroids and a rescue inhaler. And more visits to allergists until I found one who would work with me.

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Buteyko Breathing Method Made Tremendous Difference In My Life! *

Breathing Center's Testimonial: Lawrence

About 15 years ago I began having difficulty breathing when I was exercising. Gradually, my symptoms became more frequent until I would get out of breath just walking up stairs. I went to my doctor, and after an x-ray I was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis, an inflammatory condition that was leaving my lungs with a lot of scar tissue. My doctor prescribed a steroid inhaler and I took this twice daily for many years. Although this seemed to help the symptoms at first, over several years the inhaler became less effective, and I began to notice that my mind was not as clear as it used to be and my energy was decreasing. My doctor recommended that I increase the dosage of the steroid inhaler, but I didn't feel this was a good long-term solution. I had begun to lose my purpose in living.

I began searching for other answers online and came across the work of Dr. Buteyko and the online work of Sasha Yakovleva's Breathing Normalization Training.

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Highly Recommend Buteyko Breathing Method Coaching By Sasha *

Breathing Center's Testimonial: Yvonne

I highly recommend getting Buteyko Breathing Method coaching from Sasha.  I just looked at my breathing measurements from when I began receiving her coaching and compared them to my measurements now, after completing Sasha’s Level 1 Breathing Normalization training, and the results are amazing.  I am so grateful to Sasha!  My consistent morning and daytime measurements have increased by 4-5 times, which means my breathing is 4-5 times healthier than it was when I began this process.  This gives me a feeling of relief because my breathing was so unhealthy when we began.  Moreover, these days, directly after doing certain breathing exercises, my breathing is now temporarily 6-10 times healthier than it was when I began working with Sasha. I find this extremely motivating to keep practicing for better and better long-term breathing results.  Several of my health concerns are also already showing improvement.

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Pulmonologist says I'm his healthiest patient! *

Breathing Center's Student Testimonial: Buteyko Breathing Improvement While Biking

Dear Sasha,

I have learned nose breathing from you, and it has made a huge difference in managing my asthma and keeping it under control. Rather amazing since I am a long distance cyclist and have learned nose breathing on the bike, and it works.

I am 84 years old; I got asthma in the past 5 years from my long, cold and windy days on the bike, breathing with the open mouth!

The Method has done wonders; it rejuvenated me. My breathing has been normalized, and my pulmonologist cannot believe it. He says that I am his healthiest patient!

I will be celebrating my 85th in April with an attempted 85-mile ride on my birthday, and will dedicate this to Dr. Buteyko.

Thank you so much, Sasha. I admire you, your work, and your dedication to improving health.


Leo Le Bon


My Dermatitis Vanished After Breathing Normalization Training *

Breathing Center's Student Testimonial: Buteyko Breathing Improvement with Skin Problems For years I dealt with dermatitis (used to be called eczema) on my hands. The only relief was steroids, both topical and injected. I had a very high-stress job, a floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. I had a little voice in my head was saying that maybe this line of work was the cause for my skin problems.

I removed myself from trading and start working an outdoor adventure camp outside of Colorado Springs. Here I saw an alternative therapist and learned about McCombs Diet. I did it for the recommended time frame of 4 months, and my dermatitis vanished. Naturally, I went off the diet, and my skin trouble returned.

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Miracle of Buteyko Breathing Measurably Improves My Life *

Freddy helped by Breathing Normalization

I first learned about Sasha’s work as a Certified Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist from some friends of mine who are from Amsterdam, Holland. It came up in a conversation about how their daughter had been able to stop using an inhaler (a common recommendation for treating asthma) by focusing on the kind of therapy that Sasha offers.

My experience in learning about Breathing Normalization has been life changing in many ways. It began by being conscious about my breath and how it impacts every area of my life. I have had some challenges such as sleep apnea and carrying excessive body weight. As Sasha pointed out that over-eaters are over-breathers, it has awakened me to be effortlessly conscious of my breath throughout the day and even as I doze off to sleep at night. I have learned how excessive breathing through my open mouth is, and has been, harmful to my wellbeing.

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I Admire The Strength Of Ludmila And Dr. Buteyko *

Monica helped by Breathing Normalization

I found the Buteyko Method after discovering that I needed to learn to breathe better (whatever that meant) due to having a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is a nerve impingement issue in the neck, under the collarbone and pectoral minor. It can be a disabling condition but, luckily that was not my case. In my research for the impingement, I read that The Buteyko Method could tame asthma, so that piqued my interest.

Years ago, I had severe asthma but it did subside. During the past winter though, I was starting to wheeze again. I suppose due to my past experience I was tolerating symptoms more than I realized. I now had two health reasons to continue on. Then I became curious about what Dr. Buteyko had learned on his spiritual journey through the method he discovered. So I signed up for the Level 1 Breathing Normalization Course. How very fortunate!

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Buteyko Breathing Normalization Made Me Healthy Again *

Breathing Normalization helped by Breathing Normalization

I feel so blessed and honored having just completed my course with Sasha in the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method. I feel healthy again after years of decline and I have my life back..

My health issue is perhaps very common because I did not have any particular devastating symptoms such as asthma. Rather, at 75 years old I was losing energy, strength and the desire to live, while my usual activities were becoming so difficult to perform I was spending most of my time "resting" or "taking the day off." I was falling into depression and mental dullness.

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Breathlessness Is Gone *

Breathlessness was stopped naturallyI have always been very health conscious, exercising regularly and eating carefully and was deeply frustrated when I developed asthma during a virus two years ago. I couldn’t walk up even small hills and to the top of our house without gasping for breath; small everyday stresses left me breathless. I eventually saw a specialist who told me my peak flow was very low and he put me on a steroid inhaler.

It helped at first, but quickly I noticed that I experienced awful rushes of heat and my eyes went red with strange perceptual difficulties. Throughout all this, I felt my body was running too fast, but no one could help me with this feeling. I decide to come off the inhaler and find some natural alternative.

It was then that I found the Breathing Center website and was struck by the complete sense of the Breathing Normalization method. I was hyperventilating… that’s why I felt my body was running too fast.

In December I took Level One Full Training with Sasha. She is a sensitive, deeply caring and very wonderful teacher and I would not have wanted to undertake the process without her incredible guidance.

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Pranayama, Buteyko, Breathing, Asthma *

Breathing, Pranayama, Buteyko, and AsthmaI always had about six inhalers, one near my bed, one in the car, one in my pocketbook, an extra in my closet and one in my gym bag. It’s not that I needed them all the time, but if I felt my breathing was tight, or I was exposed to any trigger, I wanted to be prepared, to ward off a potential asthma attack. And I was tired of it. Getting a cold quickly turned into bronchitis, which meant weeks on steroids and tripling of my rescue inhaler. Many times I wasn’t even sure if I would have an attack, but the whole point was I needed them close by “just in case.”

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This is a true testimonial of a Breathing Center’s client; however, the results of application of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee identical results to everyone who contacts the Breathing Center. Also, please keep in mind that our services are educational, not medical. Buteyko Breathing Normalization Specialists are teachers and trainers, not medical doctors.

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