This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

This Online School Represents
the Russian patent holder
of the Buteyko Method

Hypertension Testimonials

Health Better Than Ever After Breathing Normalization Training*

Paul Hixson sm

I am a 70 year old man, and I’m happy to report that due to learning and applying the principles of the Buteyko breathing method as taught to me by the great staff of the Breathing Center, I am currently enjoying excellent health. But that definitely was not always the case.

In fact, I had lived with significant breathing problems pretty much my whole life, up until about 2 years ago. As a child, I had lots of allergy related “summer colds” that seemed to always end in endless coughing bouts and a burning feeling in my chest. I was never able to run as far or fast as other kids my age and when I tried, I would end up gasping for breath. I seemed to catch more colds that most of my classmates and they definitely lasted longer. In hindsight, I now realize that I breathed through my mouth a lot, but I had no idea at the time that that was bad for me.

Natural Asthma Cure Gives A Much Improved Life Experience*

william hawaiiThomas Fredrickson and Sasha have made an indelible imprint on our quality of life.  The information and techniques from the Breathing Center allow us to sleep better, breath better, have more energy, and a much improved life experience.

I came to the Breathing Center through our naturopath.  He mentioned Dr. Buteyko’s work as we were in his office to receive treatment for hypertension (me), and asthma (her), and overall health guidance.  We spent several weeks following his recommendations with diet and nutritional supplements for overall wellness, but we were not experiencing the type of results we were hoping for - especially with the asthma (early morning wheezing, lack of energy, etc).

High Blood Pressure Brought Low By Breathing Center Training*

Carl Johnson Testimonial for his work with Sasha and the Breathing Center Method

My name is Carl; I'm 55 years old and in relatively good health. I have hypertension and take medication for this condition. Like others in my age group

(I half jokingly call it " the death zone ") it is of extreme importance for me to maintain or increase fitness, cast off unhealthy habits, and recommit to a purposeful life in hopes of living a long and happy existence. I am a cyclist, a skier, and a surfer and want desperately to continue these activ

ities for a very long time. I have always approached fitness with the idea that if I train hard enough and long enough at a high intensity, I would lower my blood pressure, slow my heart rate, and breath slower and easier. How wrong can one person be?

Doctor Surprised By Benefits Breathing Normalization Brought*

Barry Raphael 152 1

I entered into treatment, not as a patient, but as a health practitioner who is interested in breathing issues in children and how they affect growing faces.  Little did I know that, even without asthma, there would be benefits to my health as well - and I've only really just starting living a "Buteyko lifestyle."

Words Cannot Express Thanks For Solution To Breathing Problems*

streets photo 0As a young child I witnessed an asthma attack when I was visiting my cousin; her younger sister came into the room wheezing, gasping for breath, and tears pouring down her red face as she begged for help. The severity, the fear, and the almost violent attack on her young body held me in shock and apprehension as arrangements were made for her to be taken to the hospital. I realize that vicariously, this was my introduction into the world of an asthmatic. I never imagined that the episode I witnessed would evolve into my own life story. I vividly remember the day in July when the Dr. diagnosed my symptoms as asthma. I took care of my aging father in law and when he was settled for the afternoon, I decided to shop, then spent a peaceful evening before retiring early. I woke up at around 3AM gasping for breath and coughing; I decided to drive myself to the hospital which was close to our home.

From Hyperventilation To Improved Energy-The Buteyko Method*

C and D 2August 2009

As mentioned by Charles LaBarre, Buteyko came into our life by chance, but most probably with a purpose. Not suffering from asthma, my participation in the program was at the beginning mainly in support of my husband and his lung problems that doctors had not been able to diagnose conclusively. My amazement was great when I learnt about the many other possible healing effects the Buteyko Method can have on a great variety of health issues and imbalances.



This is a true testimonial of a Breathing Center’s client; however, the results of application of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee identical results to everyone who contacts the Breathing Center. Also, please keep in mind that our services are educational, not medical. Buteyko Breathing Normalization Specialists are teachers and trainers, not medical doctors.

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