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Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist

Sasha Yakovleva is an expert on the Buteyko Breathing Normalization Method and Russian Healing Arts, an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist and co-founder of Her work has been featured in The New York Times and many other publications, TV and radio programs.

She is the author of the books Breathe To Heal, Adenoids Without Surgery as well as the instructional DVD series called The Breathing Normalization Method, and the CD - Breathing Normalization Meditations.

Sasha holds a Master's Degree in Journalism. She has studied holistic healing modalities around the world and has written about them extensively for over twenty-five years. Sasha is originally from Moscow, Russia. In 1990, she started publishing the first Russian holistic magazine, which became a large national publication. Soon after, she opened the first health food store in Moscow. She wrote Anthology of The Inward Path, a book containing many articles and interviews with healers, progressive scientists, doctors and spiritual leaders from Russia and other countries. She traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and North America, researching and writing about various mind, body, and spiritual techniques. She was trained to teach the Buteyko Method by the founders of this method at Clinica Buteyko in Moscow.

Since 1993, Sasha has been practicing various forms of meditation under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist teachers. She has completed several short and long periods of intense practice.

Since 1998, she has been residing in the United States. Currently, she lives in the Rocky Mountains above Boulder, Colorado. As a Breathing Normalization Specialist, she works with adults and children around the world. She is the Executive Director of, which officially represents Dr. Buteyko's work outside of Russia.


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Sasha Yakovleva, Buteyko PractitionerSasha was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. In 1986, she graduated from Moscow State University with a Master's Degree in Journalism. In 1987, she gave birth to her daughter. The baby was born healthy but one of her breasts was slightly enlarged. A doctor suggested applying ointment. Sasha followed his recommendation but the baby's breast only became more swollen. When the doctor saw the outcome of his wrongful advice, he was shocked to find that a large tumor had formed in the baby's breast and suggested to urgently amputate the breast. Sasha was very hesitant about his advice and sought a second opinion.

She saw a number of doctors but all of them insisted on immediate surgery. Eventually, she managed to make an appointment with a famous oncologist, who had a different idea. "Don't do anything," he said, "and the tumor will disappear by the time the girl reaches puberty." Sasha thought this was great news. "However," the oncologist continued, "the tumor will vanish only under one condition: if your daughter does not become sick until she is a teenager. Any disease, even a simple flu, will make the tumor grow." Sasha settled on this solution but had no idea how to go about implementing it. All children around her were often sick and this was considered normal. This made her think that the traditional path of western medicine was not going to work in her case and she began looking for alternatives.Buteyko Breathing Improvement session at BreathingCenter.comSasha is teaching a student to do breathing exercises in motion

As an investigative journalist, she began searching for people who knew how to live a healthy and disease-free life. She found several people who fit this description perfectly. Sasha was fascinated and wrote articles about them. Gradually she became very interested in alternative medicine, a holistic approach, and self-improvement. In 1991, at the very beginning of the Perestroika, she established a newsletter called Inward Path in hope that it would unite people for whom such subjects were as important as they were for her.

Her publication gained an enormous amount of attention because it was the first Russian publication dealing with the topics of healthy lifestyle, self-development, and spirituality. Within a few years, Inward Path Magazine became a national publication with more than one hundred thousand readers. Sasha also opened the first health food store in the country, along with a holistic seminar center.

This work gave Sasha an opportunity to meet with many fascinating teachers not just in Russia but also all around the world and to study with them. Everything that she learned, she tried to apply to her and her daughter's lives. As a result, her daughter has never been sick and her tumor has disappeared. Sasha Yakovleva is the author of the Inward Path Anthology, which was published in Russian in 2000. She has also created many radio and television programs about spirituality, the holistic movement, and the human potential. Over the years, Sasha developed a strong interest in spirituality and became a dedicated student of Tibetan Buddhism.

In 2006, she spent a year on Holy Island in Scotland, where she underwent an intensive meditation training in seclusion under the guidance of Tibetan lamas.

She has lived in the USA since 1998. In 2007, her husband, Thomas Fredricksen, became severely ill with asthma, which created another challenge for Sasha. Even though his disease was considered incurable, Dr. Buteyko's method successfully healed it. Sasha also applied Dr. Buteyko's approach. She was able to cure her headaches, serious kidney problem, pain in her joints and others health issues. In 2009, Sasha became a certified Buteyko Breathing Normalization Specialist. She was trained by medical doctors at Clinica Buteyko Moscow and Dr.Buteyko's family (L.Buteyko and A.Novozhilov M.D.) For Sasha, the discoveries and the method of K.P. Buteyko M.D.became a unifying factor for all knowledge she acquired over the course of her life from various holistic and spiritual schools. She now lives in Lyons, CO and teaches around  the world. She is Executive Director of Breathing Center and Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist.


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