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Mike Gosselin, Breathing Normalization Specialist

Available in Ivoryton, Connecticut, USA & Online    Language: English

Testimonial 4 Image-Mike-DART LAUNCHIt all started when I was ten years old and came down with pneumonia. After my recovery, I started getting asthma attacks whenever I went out to play with the other kids. The doctors said I developed severe allergies, needed allergy shots and an awful tasting liquid medication. The treatment helped but did not stop it. I would still get severe attacks, just less frequently. As the years went by the doctors said that I would grow out of it as I got older. It eased up slightly until 1985 when I ended up in the hospital with a life threatening asthma attack. I spent three days there, was given more medication and told that an attack this severe could happen again at anytime. I continued on using the medication and staying away from the triggers. In 2006 I came down with pneumonia again, but this time it was worse. I spent one month on steroid inhalers and prednesone. I was told I needed to stay on steroids the rest of my life. With this treatment I started to develop stomach problems which meant I needed another medication. Then I found Breathing Center (formerly Buteyko Center USA) online and signed up for the primary Level 1 course.  Within four days of doing the formal exercises and monitoring my breathing I reduced my medication by 75%. Now I'm at day 32 and on NO medication at all! I still can't believe it's true and cannot remember when I have felt this good. I still have a way to go and I'm staying focused. The best part is I have the control over asthma which has controlled me for 40 years.

UPDATE...January, 2012

After several conversations with Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen, The Director of Education at BREATHINGCENTER.COM, I met with him and Sasha and started the Breathing Normalization method in August of 2009. I had very good results quickly because I followed the instructions explicitly. In the beginning it was a struggle some days to get in all the exercises due to my daily obligations but the positive changes in my health kept me going. It was the first time I realized that my asthma of forty years was not going to control me any longer. I made sure that I understood the theory as to why I had asthma and was determined to use the tools I was given with the Buteyko™ breathing method and become asthma free without the use of drugs. This was only the first step.

The 2nd step was converting my breathing exercises into my daily routine which was much easier than you may think. The main thing to remember is that your breathing is the first thing that is affected with any type of stress, anxiety, or even things that make us happy. So this was a very important part to work on. As time went on I learned to calm myself down and make my breathing the first thing on my mind when the stresses of life occur. The more I practiced this the more it became a natural experience. Another thing that kept my breathing reduced throughout the day was that I paid attention to how other people breathe. Many people mouth breathe and I was guilty of that too before I learned that I was hyperventilating. I continued to practice the breathing exercises in the car, at my desk, while exercising or while watching TV. I practice in conversation while the other person is speaking and they have no idea. Practice, practice, practice is the key to success.

To sum it all up I have been asthma free and medication free for over two years now and am able to walk, run, play sports, and wrestle with my grand kids. Working with Thomas and Sasha has changed my life and I am very grateful to them for their expertise. Determination, discipline, and believing in yourself that you have the control will bring you success.

 I'm pleased that the name has been changed to the BREATHINGCENTER.COM. I found myself often spending a long time explaining what (or I should say WHO) a “Buteyko" is.  Also, there is the issue of so many people who are improperly trained or inadequately trained that use the name “Buteyko”. Several people did train for a week or two in Moscow in the beginning but did not follow through with the requests of continuing education that Dr Buteyko and later his wife, Ludmila Buteyko Ph. D and her son, his step son ; Andrey Novozhilov M.D. requested. It stills seems tragic to me that you can buy a "Buteyko” DVD series where the man teaching is a "mouth-breather”.   Dr. Buteyko's first rule (paraphrased is) “Breathe through your mouth as often as you eat through your nose ".

Sasha and Thomas completed several long internships in Clinica Buteyko itself in Moscow.  BREATHINGCENTER.COM is the Official Representation of Clinica Buteyko and the Russian patent holders.    Their Specialists complete months in training which include staff members from Clinical BUTEYKO in Moscow as well as their Medical Consultant, Ira Packman M.D., a specialist in Internal Medicine.

Take it from me. This will change your Life. Go with "the pros" trained in Dr. Konstantin Buteyko's Clinic in Moscow.  I have gone from 45 years plus on every medicine in the book to DRUG FREE, ASTHMA FREE, and HEALTHY.   This has changed my life!  I have even completed all the trainings and internships to become a "Breathing Normalization™ Specialist" myself.

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