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A Little Miracle For Me - The Buteyko Breathing Method

Chantal testimonialI have ashma since the age of 3. It began after a cold, my mother told me. I have suffered from this for 57 years now. I have tried many different approaches to try to cure or improve my condition.  I can truly say that nothing has worked till I seriously gave the Buteyko technique a go.

Within a short time perhaps 2 weeks, my sleep was better and my am energy slowly rose. I am now able to get through the full night with no Ventolin inhaler at all. This was impossible all my life since asthma was getting worst in the early am as it is for many asthmatics. It is such a good feeling to wake up and feel like the rescue is not needed. A little miracle in itself for me.

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Natural Asthma Cure Gives A Much Improved Life Experience

william hawaiiThomas Fredrickson and Sasha have made an indelible imprint on our quality of life.  The information and techniques from the Breathing Center allow us to sleep better, breath better, have more energy, and a much improved life experience.

I came to the Breathing Center through our naturopath.  He mentioned Dr. Buteyko’s work as we were in his office to receive treatment for hypertension (me), and asthma (her), and overall health guidance.  We spent several weeks following his recommendations with diet and nutritional supplements for overall wellness, but we were not experiencing the type of results we were hoping for - especially with the asthma (early morning wheezing, lack of energy, etc).

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Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks All But Gone

heidi thompson testimonial

For 15 years or so I had been a chronic hyperventilator, suffered anxiety attacks, depression, insomnia, sleep apnea and a lot of chronic pain from a motorcycle accident I had after the separation of my marriage. I moved to take on tertiary education. Just starting study in a new town I saw an advert for the Buteyko Breathing method. I didn’t believe I had time or the ability to commit to learning breathing exercises.

I was in my final and fifth year of study and thought, “I still have all these conditions, I need to do something to make a change to my life and my health”.

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Adenoids Improved By Breathing Normalization Exercises


Our 4 year old son was a mouth breather and drooled often. We got his adenoids removed twice but were worried that it had grown back again as he started breathing from mouth again just  few months after his 2nd surgery. Not wanting to get anymore surgeries done, we tried the buteyko method of breathing and met Lisa Calice through Breathing center.

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Breathing Technique Gets Rid Of Anxiety Panic Attacks

margaret Carson

Being able to breathe is an amazing gift. I am 30 years old and the majority of my life was spent not breathing properly. I've always been an anxious person but my anxiety continued to get worse starting in high school. My anxiety had turned into a panic disorder by the time I had got to college. Attending class was difficult and I ended up in the hospital after a massive panic attack.

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Training In Natural Solution For Anxiety Brings Improvement

Ivette office

Approximately a year ago I found myself in a very dark place. I was overloaded, I felt extreme anxiety, I did not sleep well and it felt like the physical effects of these experiences were more and more evident.  I did not see a solution to this situation. With the negative effects of my daily experiences I continued dedicating time to my responsibilities, despite the extremely painful symptoms I was encountering. 

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Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Improved By Breathing Technique

Paulo Vicentini

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to have this introduction in my life. It’s really interesting how the emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual things have changed in a better way when associated to these techniques. Breathing Techniques have been part of my life since Breathing Normalization Specialist Ivan Pardo introduced to me to them.  I am now aware of my breathing in a positive way during the continuous activities of my day and have experienced a decrease in unhealthy food cravings.  I sleep better at night and therefore wake up earlier, happier, and with tons more energy.  I get so much done in the mornings now! The Breathing Normalization method is an outstanding technique that has showed me how to manage my health.  I am so grateful that Dr. Buteyko’s method is now a part of my life.

Paulo Vicentini

Breathing Normalization DVD Helped Me With Asthma, Allergies

Karey Pohn, Jd, PhDMy experience as I learn "Breathing Normalization"

I wanted to write you and tell you how amazed I am at the Breathing Normalization Process.  Even though I am only partway through the process, I have already noticed many changes in my health, anxiety levels, and my reactions to things. My breathing is better, I feel healthier, and am making better food choices. Instead of reaching for food to quell my anxiety, I now use the Breathing Normalization techniques.

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My Chiropractor Says Keep Doing It - Breathing Normalization

Macomb Autism Society

As I am reviewing my Breathing Normalization specialist training materials, I had to pause to share some news and express my appreciation for all of you once again, as well as share my small triumphs...

On a personal note, I've experienced some very encouraging results. My chiropractor told me, "whatever you are doing, it's working so keep doing it!" She said my improvement in my right leg and hip is quite miraculous. She told me for now I only need to see her once a week, and soon only as-needed. She said my progress is amazing. I attempted to explain that it is breathing, but she didn't seem ready to wrap her brain around that concept. She assumes it is my yoga. But in all honesty my muscles are dramatically relaxing, making my yoga (and cardio) much easier.

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Falling Apart Fast With Asthma Until Breathing Normalization

marcia ferry

I did not discover the Breathing Normalization Method because I had asthma. I came upon it by chance on YouTube. Watching the lecturer take only minimal, gentle, seemingly invisible breaths through his nose as he spoke was astonishing and seemed an impossible feat. It reminded me of a scientific documentary that I had watched in my youth about the high internal oxygen levels of Himalayan yogis. I had learned that they reduced their breathing to increase their life span.

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Huge Improvement-Holistic Approach To Breathing Helps Asthma


When I met Jesse a few months ago before I started my classes I was a mess!

My asthma was always classified as mild to moderate by my doctors, though it was becoming persistent and the steroids and inhalers where giving me panic attacks and severe acid reflux. I even went to the urgent care clinic several times because I thought I was dying. I also developed a cough from the medicines that would not go away! The side effects where something I was not willing to live with , that’s when I started looking for other methods and saw the article in the NYC times online about Buteyko. I was definitely skeptical and thought it would not work.

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Breathing Self Test Leads To Improvement In Overall Health

lisa calice

I am writing this letter with a great deal of gratitude for the Breathing Center, and for Thomas Drakon Yakovlev-Fredricksen, Director of Education, my Breathing Normalization practitioner.

The evening I first discovered the Breathing Center, I was looking for answers not only about my own breathing, but also for the many students that I teach. As I am a yoga teacher, I felt I had a great deal of awareness about breathing; however, there is so much misinformation out there and there are poor breathing habits. I had recently trained for and run my first-ever Half Marathon, and that was when I realized just how much my less-than-perfect breathing habits affected my energy, my stress levels, and of muscular tension. I quickly realized I had discovered the answers for which I had been searching! Even though it was on the weekend, I performed the online breathing self-test, asked some questions, and Thomas wrote back to me right away. After our first online meeting, Thomas promptly accepted me as his personal student and made it very convenient for me to meet with him, even with my hectic teaching schedule.

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Anxiety Conquered With Breathing Normalization Training


Jesse Steinberg has been my practitioner for the Breathing Normalization main course, and has been a wonderful teacher and coach. I started the program with a lot of anxiety, since my breathlessness was threatening my ability to speak, and thus work and support myself. I also experience other health issues, as well as a stressful and busy schedule, so I was torn between an urgent desire to improve my breathing and fears that the program might be too difficult or demanding for me to complete. Jesse was the perfect teacher for me; always kind and reassuring, very respectful of my individual needs and challenges, yet able to encourage me to make effective progress. Jesse’s teaching was both clear and accessible, and I found the sessions to be very enjoyable. I was soon able to conquer my breathlessness, and currently have no problems talking, which is an enormous relief. I am happy to recommend Jesse without reservation as a Breathing Normalization Practitioner.

Thank you, Jesse.
Radhe Rohr [Wisconsin]

Asthma 25 Years Controlled With Natural Breathing Approach

Breathing Center's student improved his breathing & health by Buteyko Breathing Normalization method."I had asthma for 25 years of my life. I had terrible allergies, digestive issues, low energy, brain fog, and anxiety. I could barely go a day without taking my asthma medication. As for my asthma, I stopped using medication almost from the first time I took a workshop at the Breathing Center. One of the greatest personal journeys of my life, was to learn the Breathing Normalization Method and to regain my health and to regain my sense of joy in life." 

Jesse Steinberg


No Words Can Express Thanks For Solution To Breathing Problems

streets photo 0As a young child I witnessed an asthma attack when I was visiting my cousin; her younger sister came into the room wheezing, gasping for breath, and tears pouring down her red face as she begged for help. The severity, the fear, and the almost violent attack on her young body held me in shock and apprehension as arrangements were made for her to be taken to the hospital. I realize that vicariously, this was my introduction into the world of an asthmatic. I never imagined that the episode I witnessed would evolve into my own life story. I vividly remember the day in July when the Dr. diagnosed my symptoms as asthma. I took care of my aging father in law and when he was settled for the afternoon, I decided to shop, then spent a peaceful evening before retiring early. I woke up at around 3AM gasping for breath and coughing; I decided to drive myself to the hospital which was close to our home.

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Natural Breathing Solution Result-Enlarged Thyroid Has Shrunk

testimonial3 0

It's been about a year and a half that I have been practicing the Buteyko method of breathing. My control pause varies between 20 and 40, depending on what I've been eating and doing - how much stress is in my life, etc... I've stopped getting colds. I have more energy than when I started doing Buteyko.

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A Wonderful Experience At Breathing Normalization Workshop

Zenia-crop 1

March, 2010

"Dear Sasha & Thomas,

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend.

I was rather skeptical about the workshop and how it would help me given the nature of the topic before I arrived. Not only was the entire weekend informational but it provided me with a perspective and a realization of how blessed I am to be healthy (at least free of asthma). Thank you. Meeting you both was a wonderful experience.

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