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Adenoids Without Surgery

adenoids-250K.P. Buteyko MD considered adenoid removal surgery a crime against children. ButeykoBreathing Normalization specialists also believe that, in many cases, the adenoids are removed in vain. Enlarged adenoids are nothing more than a defense mechanism of the body to hyperventilation and mouth-breathing, and eliminating this compensatory reaction often entails the development of more serious health problems. At Clinica Buteyko™ Moscow, decades of clinical experience have shown that the enlargement and inflammation of adenoids in children is always associated with the presence of hyperventilation. By restoring normal respiratory function in a child, it is possible to avoid the surgical removal of adenoids. The Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization programs help to achieve this goal. To learn about breathing training for your child, visit our Learn page.  Please read the articles below to understand how Breathing Center's approach helps with enlarged adenoids. 

Treatment of Enlarged Adenoids

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Adenoid Testimonials

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